Previous Editions

The Symposium of Theory and Foundations is the merge of two successful symposia at the Spring Simulation Conference: Theory of Modelling and Simulation, DEVS Integrative Symposium and the Model-Driven Approaches for Simulation Engineering.

The Symposium of Theory of Modeling and Simulation started as a continuation of the bi-annual series of AIS conferences (Artificial Intelligence, Simulation and Planning in High Autonomy Systems) held during the ’90s. The DEVS Symposium, held in SpringSim since 2005, started as an annual symposium with focus on the DEVS formalism.

2021 – Fairfax, VA, USA (online): TMS
2020 – Fairfax, VA, USA (online): TMS
2019 – Tucson, AZ, USA: TMS (Theory and Foundations of M&S) (program)
2018 – Baltimore, MD, USA: TMS/DEVS (program) / Mod4Sim (program)
2017 – Virginia Beach, VA, USA: TMS/DEVS (program) / Mod4Sim (program)
2016 – Pasadena, CA, US: TMS/DEVS (program) / Mod4Sim (program)
2015 – Alexandria, VA, USA  (program)
2014 – Tampa, FL, USA  (program)
2013 – San Diego, CA, USA  (program)
2012 – Orlando, FL, USA  (program)
2011 – Boston, MA, USA  (program)
2010 – Orlando, FL, USA  (program)
2009 – San Diego, CA, USA  (program)
2008 – Ottawa, ON, Canada  (program)
2007 – Norfolk, Virginia, USA  (program)
2006 – Huntsville, AL, USA  ( program)
2005 – San Diego, CA, USA  (program)